Thursday, March 31, 2011

Orange is Going Green... or is it?

These days everyone is "Going Green." It looks great in the media. The problem is, when you get down to it, many companies that claim they are "going green" are only doing it for the sake of money. They don't want to do it because it's the right thing to do. And better yet, some institutions that claim they are going green actually are not going green.

At UT, you see fliers and displays everywhere that claim how UT is going green, but then they say things like "Be sure to turn off your lights!" etc, etc. This is not UT going green. This is UT's students going green. UT is just taking all the credit for the student's work.

It's nice that UT offers things like recycling all around campus, and it's nice they are reminding students to be green, but how can you honestly say that you're going green when you do irresponsible things like leaving giant spot lights on Ayres Hall all night, every night? I wonder how much electricity it wastes by leaving those spot lights on. Yes, yes, I understand that you want your building to look pretty, but if you're going to be so apathetic to those lights, then don't you dare try to steal credit away from your students by saying you're the ones going green. We're the ones doing it.

A few weeks ago, my friend and I snuck into a building after hours and turned off all the lights we could find (since they were all on). We probably saved the university a good deal of money that night. Imagine if we did that every night. Then imagine if we did that in every building, every night. We would save UT quite a bit of money. Why is this not already being done? At the very least, why are the lights not on timers?

Also, where are we supposed to be seeing all these savings? If UT is saving money by being green, then how come the Computer Science building still isn't finished because of a budget deficit? It was supposed to be finished over a year ago. And how come tuition is still going up every year? Sure, UT goes green... They take all of our green money. This is is just another case of UT not caring about their students and hoping no one will notice, and I'm just about fed up with it.


  1. Something similar at my university. Mine states that they are a "non-profit" organization yet i seem to see alot of new buildings being built, and prices continually rising. Yet they don't do anything about some of the more urgent happenings. Makes no sense to me.