Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Crumbling buildings

Over the past few weeks, a regularly traveled path by some was blocked off by orange construction fencing. Most of us didn't really know what it was they were doing, so we figured they were doing some work on the sidewalk like they've been doing all around campus for the past few years. However, upon returning from spring break, we found that the temporary fencing had been replaced by a more permanent, bolted down, chain-link fence with a sign that read "Danger. Keep out."

Yesterday, I was informed that some loose bricks had fallen off of the dorm building nearby, and thereby created a hazardous walking area. I'd like to know what genius contracted the construction of this building and/or who was designated to maintain the integrity of it. This sort of thing is really unacceptable. Someone could have died or been seriously injured had they been in the path of the falling bricks. To add to this, bricks also fell off the building in another place. Moreover, I'd like to know what else is wrong with this dorm. If I were a resident of that dorm (one of the largest dorms on campus), I'd demand relocation, because I fear for my safety due to the apparent lack of structural integrity of the building.

That is all for now.

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